How Instagram Stepped Up It’s Game with IGTV

Like most millennials, part of my morning routine is to log in to Instagram and see what all of my friends and favorite brands and celebs have been up to since my last viewing of content on the platform which let’s be honest happened the night prior and pretty much right before bed.

Instagram is dominating the social media landscape and if some entity were keeping score, I think they’d be winning the ongoing platform battle.

So this morning, I woke up and there it was, a shiny new feature that I had only read about yesterday for the first time.

Instagram TV

So naturally, I clicked on the new notification and began to watch.  Instagram was super smart (good job Insta algorithm) and the first video they served up to me was a behind-the-scenes look at Zac Brown Bands Behind the Rabbit Hole Tour.  Of course, ZBB is one of my favorite bands and my husband and I as well as a bunch of our friends have a yearly summer tradition of tailgating and going to the show when ZBB comes to town.

The content was captivating.  It’s a long-form vertical video much like an Instagram story but instead of the annoying breaks every 15 seconds, this video content can last for up to 10 minutes!  Anyone can create IGTV content which is super awesome and will definitely change the way we view video content on Instagram.  Select content creators will be able to upload content lasting up to an hour!  If you don’t have an extra battery pack on your phone, you’re definitely going to need one now.

Instagram now has over 1 billion monthly users and is the platform I typically recommend to all of my clients that should serve as the main hub of their social content strategy.  With features like Insta stories and now IGTV plus that giant user base, it’s hard to pass up an opportunity as golden as Instagram.

Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, is also putting many of their efforts into improving video viewing capabilities on their platform with continuing to enhance Facebook Watch.  YouTube was always the powerhouse in the video space, and not that I think that their dominance will fade away quickly or even at all, I just believe they’ll have a little more work to do in order to stay on top now that Facebook and Insta are jumping in to the space more and more each day.

Stay tuned for more information as this new Insta feature continues to evolve and develop.  I’m certainly looking forward to leveraging this feature and creating some awesome long-form content!


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