I’m Audrey Mrowiec the Owner & Chief Content Strategist of ArmsReach Marketing.

I am a digital marketer specializing in social media and client portfolio management. I have extensive experience creating great social media marketing campaigns to meet the needs of clients across multiple social platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and blogs.

I’m flexible.  Having experience in corporate, agency, and not-for-profit settings, I am able to provide quality work at a fast pace, take direction from both internal and external leadership and clients, as well as effectively collaborate with team members.

I ask “why”.  That can be annoying.  The result is that I always have an understanding of your goals and I am able to establish the proper strategy and ensure measurable results for your business.  Your prospects and customers will be engaged with your brand.  You win.

When I’m not creating great social copy, creative, and campaign strategies or managing budgets, scope, and timelines I have a life outside of work.  And balance.  That means I’m always able to give you a fresh perspective on your campaigns and strategies.  I enjoy watching baseball, spending time outdoors especially playing golf and hiking, or sipping a tasty craft beer with my husband Tyler.  I also enjoy running half-marathons, traveling, going to concerts or making music at home as well as many board game nights with friends.  I also maintain a blog called Running Around With Auds where I write about my many adventures as well as all of the theater productions I’m seeing at the Milwaukee Repertory Theater where I am a member of their social media club.

Have any questions?  Don’t hesitate to reach out.  I look forward to speaking and working with you!